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My Top "Tools of the Trade"

There are many, many, countless tools out there for web development. Over the years I have tried many of them. My favorites have changed almost as rapidly as the tools themselves. So I guess for now I will give a list of my current favorite tools and a little bit as to why.

#1 Laravel

Laravel has made PHP feel more like a mature enterprise grade language. Laravel has many best practices that when I started using it felt were silly. After a while of using it and going back to other frameworks I had to use for work (Symfony) I started to realize how much these best practices were in my best interest. After a while I couldn't find myself doing it any other way. Taylor Otwell sells Laravel as "A PHP Framework for Web Artisans" and I feel that with Laravel it is making PHP into more elegant.

#2 Git

Git is my Version Control of choice. I was able to pick up Git far easier than I was able to pick up Subversion. Git is like an arm or a leg, I could get by without it, but I would not be able to work nearly as quickly.


#3 Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the most flexible text editors I have ever used. With its plugin framework there are endless possibilities as to what you can do with it. A friend wrote a good article about his favorite plugins for Sublime that is worth checking out. Sublime feels like Emacs but built for the modern world.

Sublime Text 3

For now this will be a living list. I hope to actually finish this in the coming days. So stay tuned.

  • Dec 4, 2014